Photolock stopped working on my site

If Photolock™ is no longer working on your site, please perform the suggestions in the checklist below prior to contacting support:

1. Check the version of Photolock you have been using

If you installed Photolock™ before June 1, 2018, you are using Photolock™ 1.0. This version is no longer supported as of Jan 1, 2019.

To upgrade, please first remove the app from your site, wait for five minutes and reinstall again. This process will ensure the removal of all code related to the old version and install the new version on your site.

If you think you upgraded before, you may have done it without uninstalling the old version first, and there may still be code related to the old version which may cause conflict and prevent Photolock™ from loading. Please remove the app the app, wait for five minutes and reinstall again.

2. Check your domain settings

Photolock requires a website to have a single primary web domain. Primary domain is the domain name that customers see in the address bar while they browse your website.

If you recently changed your primary domain or using multiple domains with no redirect to the primary domain, Photolock will not work.

3. Check if there are any code errors on your site

It is likely that a code error may be preventing Photolock™ from loading on your site. Try checking console in your browser to see whether there are any warnings. Please try again after the code error resolves.

4. Check of any other app is causing a conflict

If you have recently installed another app, it may be preventing Photolock™ from loading. Even though this is rare, it can still happen. You can remove and reinstall other apps to confirm if this is the issue.

In such cases changing the load order of scripts may help. Sometimes loading Photolock™ after another script library is enough to resolve conflicts. Photolock™ script can be moved anywhere in the code; however, we highly recommend placing it in the head tags and loading it before everything else on your website.

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