Disabling Photolock on Select Pages

You can disable Photolock™ on certain pages by adding "photolock-skippage" class value to the body tag in your code.

There is a single layout file for the website and dynamic values can be added for pages using the platform's template language. For example, in Shopify, this language is called "liquid".

Use the template language to check for the page in the body tag:

<body class="{% if page.handle == 'page-handle-value' %}photolock-skippage{% endif %} template-page">

Replace the 'page-handle-value' with the page handle value of the page you want to disable Photolock.

There will be a separate layout file for each of your pages. You will need to add the class value below to all related body tags.

<body class="photolock-skippage">

Once class values are added, make sure the "Disabling Photolock on Select Pages" feature is enabled. If so, all locks will be turned off on each page that has this class value in the body tag.

After you add the necessary codes, do not forget the enable "Disabling Photolock on Select Pages" feature in your Photolock dashboard.


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