Ghostmark™ is a fun way to protect your photos especially if you are not fan of disabling Mouse and Keyboard actions.

When the Ghostmark™ is activated, everything will appear to work as usual and users will get the impression to save an image, but when user attempt to save an image, they will not be saving anything other than a transparent image file, which is the Ghostmark™.

Ghostmark™ will only work if Mouse Locks and 3D Touch Lock is turned off. These locks will override Ghostmark™, and users will not be able to download any content from your site.


⚠️This feature is only available on Premium Plan

A watermark is a more or less transparent image or text that has been applied to another image to either protect the original image or to make it harder to copy the item. By using Photolock, you can apply a watermark to all your pictures with a single click.

Watermark feature in Photolock will not alter the original photo files in your server and Photolock will also not apply the watermark to your logo, slide/ promotional banners, and images in the footer area.


You need to add the "photolock-watermark" class to images that you would like to have watermark.

<img class="photolock-watermark" src="/someimage.jpg" alt="someimage" />

Our support team can install watermark lock on your store at no cost. Use the chat widget at the bottom right of the screen to order installation.

Watermark Styles

There are two Watermark styles you can use on your photos:

Text Watermark
Image Watermark

Watermark may not appear on particular Shopify themes instantly. Please contact us if you notice any problems

Text Watermark
You can add a text watermark to your images. You can customize the following features for your text watermark

- Opacity (Level of transparency)
- Font Size
- Text Value
- Positioning
- Background Color

The text watermark value is by default "Photolock". You can change this text and use any wording you like.

Image Watermark
You can customize the following features for your text watermark

- Opacity (Level of transparency)
- Output Width Size
- Positioning

The watermark image/pattern is not yet customizable. The app will use Photolock logo to watermark your images. Custom watermark images will be available soon.

The opacity property specifies the opacity/transparency of an element. It can take a value from 0.0 - 1.0. The lower the value of opacity, the more transparent the watermark will appear over your photos.

You can set your watermark to appear in a particular area of your photos. Available position options are:

- Top Left
- Top Right
- Top Center
- Center Left
- Center Right
- Center
- Bottom Left
- Bottom Right
- Bottom Center

The image watermark will be most effective when positioned in the center, though you can position it to any area. The text watermark will be more visible if positioned close to edges.

Understanding Output Width Size
The output width size indicates the final width of all images after watermarking process is completed. We recommend setting this value to the maximum image width that you have anywhere on your website, excluding your promotional banner images.

For example, if you have an online store, your product images will most likely appear in two places, on collections, and on the product page. The width of a product image is generally smaller when displayed in collection pages, and the larger version of the same photo will is shown on the product page. The output width size value is recommended to match the larger width or the most considerable width value anywhere on your website.

While we strongly recommend pairing the width value, you do not have to use the match the width value. You can try different values and keep the size you like. The default value is 700px and will work for most sites.

Please note that while testing the watermark feature, the changes may be cached to your browser and you may not see the changes you make instantly. We recommend clearing your browser's cache every time you change Watermark settings to make sure everything will appear as expected.

Contact our support team if you are not sure of the size value should be set for this setting.

Disabling Watermarking on Select Images

See documentation for Advanced Settings to learn how you can disable watermarking on select images.
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