Mouse right-clicking is the most common method for an average user to attempt downloading a digital asset from a website. By using Photolock you can limit this behavior or entirely block it.

There are three available lock options for Mouse Actions

Right-Click Lock

Right-Click lock is an excellent option if you want visitors to be able to copy and paste text content from your site, but you don't want them copy/paste or Right-Click-Save your site's images.

By default, Right-Click Lock is turned on, and visitors to your site will not be able to right-click or right-click-save any image content.

On certain websites, users may still be able to right-click images while this lock is active. In such cases the image saving option will be disabled from the right-click menu. This may occur depending on the script structure of your website.

If you would like to disable right-clicking not just on pictures but any content, such as text, and video, you can activate Full-Screen Right Click Lock.

Full-Screen Click Lock

Full-Screen Click Lock is an extended Right-Click lock option. It disables right-clicking on your entire website.

This will prevent the following user actions:

A user will not be able to copy-paste your images and text content using a mouse or touchpad.
A user will not be able to open native browser right-click menu anywhere on your site.

If you want visitors to be able to copy and paste text from your site, but you don't want them to be able to copy and paste or Right-Click-Save your site's images, consider activating Image Right-Click Lock only.

For certain websites, activating full-screen lock may effect user experience negatively. For example, while this lock is active, a user will not be able to easily open a link in a new browser tab by using the right-click menu.

Drag & Drop Lock

Some browsers and operating systems make it easy for images to be saved through mouse drag and drop action. Photolock can prevent this functionality and better protect your photos. Drag & Drop Lock is activated by default.
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