• Browser screenshot extension blocking is now available. When detected, images will be blurred until user attempt stops.

    We have fixed a bug in "Hide image file source" feature. In some websites, the feature was also hiding the links wrapping an image and the issue has been fixed to hide the image source only.

  • Photolock now detects when you are working on your store using Shopify theme editor and disables itself automatically not to intervene in the process.

    We have separated text copy & paste lock functionality to give you more control over the user experience. Text Copy & Paste lock switch has been added under "Screen" settings and it overrides Copy & Paste Shortcut keys lock when enabled.

    We have fixed a bug yesterday around Ghostmark, which was causing CSS positioning errors on some stores.

  • Enable Speed optimization to prevent loading delays and improve user experience on your site. Upon activation of this setting, Photolock will load faster on-site, but any changes in settings may take up to an hour to take effect. Speed Optimization is available on all plans.

  • 2.0.0
    The long awaited watermarking feature is finally here and released as a beta.​ You can now automatically watermark your photos to send a clear signal it cannot be copied/used without your consent. The best part is that you will still be able to push your products to other sales channels like Google Shopping, Amazon or Etsy from your Shopify store as you always do. 👍
    We added a bunch of new keyboard locks to prevent users from capturing your images by using keyboard shortcuts.
    Photolock now has ability to prevent users from capturing your content by using 3D Touch action in mobile.
    Source Code lock makes it harder for a technical user to capture your images from your website’s source code. This lock uses various methods to detect a visitor’s attempt to view the source code and hides the code content in different ways, according to the theft attempt.​
  • We have just released Pinterest Lock feature. You can prevent visitors from saving or pinning images from your site to their Pinterest boards.

    To enable Pinterest Lock just go to the Photolock App Dashboard and click the settings button. Then toggle the Pinterest Lock feature (under External Services section) to the on position. After that, you’re ready to go.