What is Photolock™?

Photolock™ protects your images from being stolen without your permission and prevents you from being on the wrong end of copyright infringement.

Since the internet came into existence, image theft has become a widespread problem. It’s so easy to download and copy images from the internet, and a lot of people fail to realize that they are using someone else’s work without permission, which is copyright infringement.

Prevent Everyday Site Visitors from Stealing Your Work

Using Photolock™, you can disable your visitors' ability from saving images from your website without permission. Photolock offers powerful features you can customize and add any level of protection you would like to your site.

From disabling specific mouse and keyboard actions to hiding your source code, using Photolock makes you create a safer environment on your site and present your digital work without fear.

Protect Copyright

Copyright protection is essential for individuals who do the digital form of art for a living, and for businesses who invest in photography and sell digital goods. The ease with which someone can steal images or artwork from a website requires an added level of protection.

It is also essential for online stores that use third-party photography because many companies are required to comply with copyright and usage-rights agreements. Therefore, it is a necessity to explicitly convey to your visitors that your digital assets are protected under the copyright law.

Photolock offers you powerful features for you to communicate these rules with your visitors.

Benefit from Fully Controllable Security Package

In the digital world, it is not yet possible to 100% protect any file or digital asset. In theory, someone who has access to the server that your website is hosted can pull all your data. Web Browsers also still have to load all data to remote computers in the background, which is how the Internet is architected.

Therefore no solution can provide 100% protection, but just like we all do to protect physical assets, you can make it extremely hard for a user to access and download your digital assets from your website.

Using Photolock™ as an added level of security is sufficient protection for approximately 97% of internet users around the world.

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